Dylan Kolhoff

College of William and Mary

"After my one semester studying in CSI's immersion Chinese program, CSI has become the yardstick with which I measure other study abroad programs. After hearing about other programs from friends and attending a different study abroad program myself, I am only more certain that CSI cannot be beat. It is in an echelon of its own. Whether looking at the amount of Chinese I learned, the breadth of culture I experienced, or the depth of friendships I made, no other program can compare to a semester of immersion Chinese at CSI.

The amount of personal attention students get from teachers is unparalleled. With its locations in Beijing and at Peking University, CSI places thousands of years of history and culture at students' fingertips, brought even closer by weekend forays into the city. End-of-the-semester trips offer the opportunity to see the whole continuum of rapidly modernizing China from the rural countryside to modern cities to minority cultures. You see places and are exposed to points of view impossible when traveling by yourself. Without question, the CSI immersion program is the ideal place for students who are ready to work hard and get the most out of their study abroad experience."

Anne Paisley

George Washington University

"China Studies Institute was a fantastic opportunity to improve my Mandarin and experience Beijing as an insider. CSI allows you to work with incredible language teachers, who serve as guides to negotiating the complicated Chinese language. In addition to classroom learning, our professor taught us practical communication skills and took us on excursions to make sure we had plenty of opportunities to use our Mandarin. I also loved being able to take Chinese political, economic and cultural classes with other Peking University professor. My internship gave me a valuable glimpse into the Chinese business culture and allowed me to make connections in Beijing that I will certainly be able to use in my future career. I would definitely recommend China Studies Institute to anyone who is interested in improving their Mandarin and experiencing all aspects of Beijing."

Morgan Stahr

American University

"For me, studying abroad in Beijing with CSI was a life changing experience. While in China, I had the chance to practice my Chinese language skills everyday and received individualized attention which allowed me to improve. More importantly, I grew as a person because each day was a new challenge and adventure that led me out of my comfort zone. I am most thankful for all of the great friendships I have made through CSI, Peking University, and just from wandering around China. My teachers and new Chinese friends took care of me and made Beijing feel like a second home. I was able to improve my language skills and make great friends all while seeing the famous sites in Beijing and around China. The study trip at the end was just icing on the cake. After spending four months in Beijing, I am forever changed and already planning my next trip back to China."

Chole Lubin

University of Richmond

In an unfamiliar land, the Chinese Studies Institute at Peking University creates a sense of comfort and familiarity that will make your experience in China wonderfully smooth. You will encounter challenges during your stay in Beijing, whether it is the language barrier, the difference in mentality, or the difficulty to perform daily tasks, but CSI can help you deal with any difficulties that you encounter.

The rigor and intensity of Chinese classes at CSI will further help you improve your language skills, whether you choose the immersion or the non-immersion track. By choosing the non-immersion track, I learnt Chinese at a perfect pace while getting the perks of learning about Chinese culture through electives taught in English, and of course, through my adventures in Beijing and beyond.

The highlight of the program is the end-of-semester study trip, organized by the professors at CSI. You will be able to choose a travel line that will bring you across China and make you discover cultures that are very different from the one in Beijing. By choosing the "Purple Line" for Tibet, I passed through cities like Luoyang, Xi'an, Xining, Tibet, and Chengdu, visiting historical sites and experiencing the local culture. On that note, 我祝你一路順風.

Mallory Carnes

Emory University

When I first arrived at CSI, I was really skeptical and afraid to use my Chinese (particularly speaking) because I had never had an opportunity to use it in real daily life before. However, I was placed in CN501 at CSI, which really gave me a lot of confidence. I started helping my friends at the bank, post office, cafeterias, and with studying their own materials, which allowed me to develop my practical Chinese speaking skills, too! In my comprehension and speaking classes, my teachers were amazing and pushed me to work to my full potential every single class. The small class size (2 students!) was incredibly beneficial and I learned so much more than I ever expected this semester. Outside of Chinese classes, I had the opportunity to experience Chinese culture, calligraphy, kung fu, and participate in two music ensembles on Peking University's campus. I will truly never be able to fully express my gratitude to CSI for giving me confidence in Chinese and reassuring me that a future in Chinese (and many more trips to China!) is what my passion is!

Taylor Hoehn

American University

"I loved CSI! The non-immersion track gave me a great balance of learning Chinese, studying for my regional focus courses, and exploring Beijing. My Chinese improved loads over the course of the semester; I probably learned more in four months in Beijing than I had in two years at my home university. Language classes were tons of fun (mainly because of the awesome faculty) but also very challenging, which was a perfect combination. And the study trip at the end of the semester was well-organized and gave us a feel for how different China can be depending on where you are. By the end of the semester, I didn't want to leave!"

Samukelisiwe Ngwenya

Lake Forest

The CSI Beijing Program is an insightful and rigorous program that allows you to actively study the dynamics of the Chinese society while getting practical work experience. I had the opportunity to gain an insight in the way in which China has become one of the global key players. I appreciate the chance I got to interact with other students and the staff there was always willing to assist and take us to amazing places not only in Beijing but also other provinces. My favorite part was being able to learn practical Mandarin that helped me learn more about the culture and converse with the local people. My experience with CSI was definitely a highlight of my college experience that will aide me greatly in my future endeavors.

Peter Rosenbloom

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

"From the moment I decided to spend a semester abroad in Beijing, I started to search for the perfect program that would provide me with the most comprehensive, yet fun, semester in the capital of the People's Republic of China. Now, after spending 4 exciting months in the classroom, living the "Chinese" life in Beijing, and traveling to the far reaches of China’s border to explore its past, I can confidently say the Chinese Studies Institute at Peking University truly was the ultimate and consummate program. Unlike many programs throughout China, CSI allows its students to fully immerse themselves within the Chinese culture, while simultaneously continuint their education through rigorous academic course offerings that are apeaheaded by experienced Chinese language teachers, as well as top economic, political, and its language, has improved exponentially. There is no other program available that can offer you the opportunity to go to both the North Korean border city of Dandong, and then head all the way west to Lhasa, Tibet. All the while increasing your language foundation and fluency. In the future, whether after graduation or throughout a spare summer, I plan to return to CSI to continue my Chinese education."

Angela Donkor

Boston College

"I was awarded the Boston College Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship while studying here and I know that my study abroad at the China Studies Institute played a role in the committee's decision. By choosing China, you differentiate yourself from the traditional study abroad destinations. I think there are three things that make the China Studies Institute at Peking University different. First, you will have access to and be taught by some of the best Professors in the world. I say this from my own experience here. My art and cultural Professor Peng turned out to be one of the most famous art critics in China. He was chosen by the government to do an exhibit in Venice in summer 2011 and he has taken me on the project with him. I will be traveling with him and his China delegation to Venice!! Second, by choosing to study here you will be surrounded by incredible staff members who love what they do and do it so effortlessly. Whether you have a question about your school work, how to travel somewhere or simply need a moral support, someone in the staff team will be there to help you. Third, I will never forget the fantastic cuisine in China!! There are tons of restaurants to eat here and the price varies a lot. As I prepare to leave China, I know my time here has enhanced my education and personal growth. From my Chinese language classes, to my China-US relations seminar, the program has opened my mind to China and it culture."