On-campus dorms

Our host institution has double occupancy dorms for foreign students that are equipped with private bath, air-conditioning, TV, internet access, and telephone. The majority of students live in on campus housing.

Off-campus apartments

Off campus apartments are available on a limited basis and are mainly for language immersion students. They are located in Chinese residential neighborhoods with air conditioning, TV, internet access, telephone, bath, plus a kitchen. It may take ten to twenty minutes or more to walk to campus. The big advantage is that students may live amongst and interact with Chinese citizens, a great way to understand Chinese culture and improve language skills. Occasionally non-immersion students may live in off-campus apartments if they speak Chinese only during week days.

Note: A Chinese roommate will live in the apt. to provide necessary help.


Homestay is possible. However, it is also mainly for language immersion students. Generally speaking, host families may live further away from campus, and thus students could take a much longer time to go to school if choosing homestay.

Note: No meals are included in any type of housing.