Frequently asked questions

Visa Related Questions

  • When will I get my documents for the visa application?

    Students will get the documents roughly two or three weeks after the application deadline for the semester they are applying. However, the student will receive an electronic letter of acceptance whenever he or she is admitted into the program.

  • What kind of a visa should I apply for?

    Our students will apply for the X2 visa, which is for short-term studies in China. If students travel outside of China during the semester, they will be responsible for their re-entry visa, as the school does not provide extra documents after the semester starts. We suggest students apply for double or multiple entries when applying for the visa the first time if they have plans to go outside China during the semester.

  • Should I apply for a student visa if I already have a 10-year tourist visa?

    Yes, students need to apply for a student visa even having a 10-year tourist visa. By the most updated regulations in China, all students coming to study in China need to hold a student visa, otherwise they won’t be registered as a formal student with a Chinese university.

  • Do I need to apply for a new visa if I want to spend extra days in China traveling around after the semester is over?

    It depends on the length of your visa. Beyond the validity dates, a new visa, such as a tourist visa, is needed for the extra stay. For instance, if you received 150 days on your student visa but your semester lasted only about 120 days, then you would have extra time to travel with the same visa. If not, then you need to get a new tourist visa, which can be applied only outside China.

Class and Internship Related Questions

  • When should I start class pre-registration?

    Students may start class pre-registration upon receiving their admission letter. Also, students will receive an email reminding them about pre-registration.

  • May I switch classes after the semester starts?

    Yes, students are allowed to switch classes within 10 days after a semester starts. However, students cannot switch between the language immersion track and the social sciences track, as the two tracks have separate housing arrangements.

  • How should I register for my language class if I am not sure about my specific language level?

    Students may indicate levels of language class. However, the final decision also depends on the placement test students take soon after their arrival. This way, we can ensure that each student is in a level best suited to their needs and abilities.

  • May I buy books after I am in Beijing instead of bringing books from the States?

    The textbooks for language classes will be provided by our program. However, students are advised to purchase books in the States for area study courses. It may take a very long time to ship the book if you order it after arriving in China.

  • May I have a part-time internship if I participate in the language immersion track?

    No, students won’t have enough time, as language immersion students will have over 25 hours of class per week along with additional time needed for preparation and homework.

  • Can I get paid for my part-time internship?

    There will be no payment. The part-time internship is actually considered volunteer work plus academic assignments due to visa and legal constraints. Students need to spend two full days a week volunteering for a company or organization, attend seminars, and submit a paper at the end of the semester.

  • How do I apply for a part-time internship?

    Students may indicate their interest in an internship when filling out their class pre-registration form. An internship is considered as a class. If a student doesn’t get a suitable internship, he or she may choose another class instead.

  • When do I know if I get an internship or not?

    After students indicate their interest in an internship, they will be contacted by our program staff for statements, resumes, etc. so that our staff members may work on placements. Some companies/organizations may decide to take a student intern/volunteer after viewing their resume, while some may require interviews.

  • May I do a full-time internship?

    We don’t arrange full-time internship. Our students will be mainly studying on campus; volunteering with a company/organization is just part of their learning for the semester.

Medical and Insurance Related Questions

  • What immunization shots are required to enter China?

    No immunizations are required for entering China. However, some shots are recommended by doctors, such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, tetanus, and diphtheria.

  • Should I have insurance to cover my stay in China?

    Yes, students are required to have insurance covering their stay in Beijing. Some hospitals in Beijing accept direct billings from many insurance companies such as GMC, HTHworldwide, GeoBlue, MetLife, BlueCross, BlueShield, DKV (globality), JBI (direct), GlobalHeath, etc. Students may get reimbursement with the receipts provided by the hospitals if they do not accept direct billing.

  • May I use my insurance in all hospitals in China?

    Only the hospitals that cater to expats/foreigners will accept international insurance, including insurance from the States. For normal health issues, students may see a doctor at the school clinic/hospital; since the cost is not expensive, students should have no trouble paying for it out of pocket. If they want to see a doctor who can speak fluent English, they may go to one of the hospitals mentioned in the previous question for expats.

  • May I bring my shots to China and ask doctors there to give me the shots when needed?

    By Chinese law, Chinese doctors are not allowed to give people shots when the medicine is brought from overseas. If for whatever reason you need to receive regular shots while studying in Beijing, you may have to do it on your own.

Study Trip Related Questions

  • When should I decide on which travel route I will take?

    Students will be asked to decide on their preferred study trip line after the mid-term.

  • Can I travel to other places on my own after the study trip instead of going back to Beijing with the group?

    Yes, we let students travel on their own after the study trip if they choose to. Students will be asked to sign a release form and move their belongings out of the dorm before the study trip if they don’t come back to Beijing with our group.

  • Can I get a refund if I don’t participate in the end-of-semester study trip?

    The end-of-semester study trip (2 weeks) is an integral part of the academic studies component of the program along with the associated study trip paper/project, therefore no refunds will be issued.

  • If I travel on my own after the end of semester trip, can I leave my luggage with the program in Beijing?

    If students cannot find a suitable place to store their luggage, our office can help them store their luggage for a while as long as the student can come get their luggage before the next group arrives.

Housing Related Questions

  • Can I live on campus if I am a language immersion student?

    We strongly recommend off-campus housing for immersion students to encourage interaction with the locals and encourage practicing Chinese more often. However, it will be fine for immersion students to live on campus if the students choose it and there are dorms available on campus.

  • May I live off campus if I am not a language immersion student?

    We give language immersion students priority for off-campus housing. However, non-immersion students may choose to live off-campus housing if there is extra space available and the student may maintain a language pledge of speaking Chinese only in weekdays.

  • May I find my own housing instead of having program housing?

    Yes, we allow students to have independent housing if they meet one of the following requirements: 1) have lived in China for over 3 months before; 2) can speak Chinese fluently; 3) will live with a friend or relative in Beijing; 4) have married already and will have a spouse coming together with them.

  • May I move into program housing earlier if I plan on arriving in Beijing a little earlier?

    The program housing will start from the official arrival date. If students arrive earlier, they will be responsible for their own accommodations. Program staff can help with information on nearby hotels or hostels.

  • May I stay in the program housing for a couple of days after the program ends?

    All students need to move out of the dorms by 2:00pm on the departure day as required by school housing. However, for students living in the program’s off-campus apartments, it will be fine to stay for a couple more nights.

Payment Related Questions

  • Should I pay extra for the activities and study trips in Beijing?

    No, the cost for the program-organized activities and trips is covered in the tuition. However, our program may also recommend some activities organized by others from time to time, and fees may be necessary to participate in those outside activities.

  • May I pay invoices in RMB instead of USD?

    Yes, but you need to contact our office to make the proper arrangements.

  • If I stay for two semesters, will there be any payment difference for the second semester?

    If a student is sent by our partner schools, we will just follow their school’s policy. If a student joins us directly, then the student may receive a reduction between $500 and $1000 for the second semester.

Life in Beijing Related Questions

  • What should I bring for my semester in Beijing?

    Students will receive a pre-departure information package detailing our packing suggestions.

  • May I get into my Gmail account when in Beijing?

    Students may download a VPN provided by your home school or some other ones on both of their computer and cell phone for better access to their Gmail account.

  • May I switch to a Chinese SIM with my cell phone?

    Students are encouraged to unlock their cell phone when in the States if they plan to use their cell phones for many local services. Check with your phone service carrier when in the States.

  • Should I download some apps when in the States?

    Students are encouraged to download WeChat app and Baidu Maps. WeChat has become a very common and effective way for communication in China. Baidu Maps is quite helpful for people to get around when traveling in China.

Visitors Related Questions

  • May I invite friends and parents to visit me when I am in Beijing?

    Yes, of course! However, it is better for students to check the semester calendar beforehand and have friends coming during the spring/fall break if students want to spend more time with them.

  • May I bring my friend to stay with me in my dorm or apartment?

    No, friends may not stay overnight in the dorm or apartment. If a hotel reservation is needed, students may come to our office for help or more information.

  • May I invite my friends to participate in program-organized activities and excursions in Beijing?

    Yes, they are welcome to join us during their visit to Beijing. However, you need to inform our office staff ahead of the time to see if there is any problem.