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This study abroad program relies on its partner schools to evaluate prospective students’ eligibility for the program. Students from those partner institutions can obtain complete information about application and fees from their study abroad office. Students from non-partner institutions can apply directly to the program according to the following guidelines.
Application Requirements
  1. Fill out an application form

  2. A recommendation letter.

  3. An official transcript with GPA over 3.2.
    - For applicants whose GPA between 3.0 and 3.2 are required to provide two recommendations.
    - Prerequisite for Chinese language immersion track: two semesters of Chinese or equivalent.

  4. Application fee: $50

  5. ID picture (digital head to shoulder portrait)

Application materials may be mailed to:
B103, History Department
Peking University
Beijing, China, 100871

  • 1.Students from some partner institutions may submit their application materials to the study abroad office of their home schools.
  • 2.Students who need to send materials to us may arrange sending electronic versions. Please contact Dr. Hong Li ( or Ms. Huang ( before doing this.
Application Deadlines
  • June 1 Fall Semester
  • November 1 Spring Semester
  • April 5 Summer Semester

Today is: 02-28-2021 Sunday

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Fees and Method of Payment
Spring / Fall Fee
Tuition and study trips $10,200
Housing $3,200
Activities and fees $450
Total $13,850

*Note: International airfare, health insurance, food and textbooks are responsibilities of students.

Summer Fee
Tuition $6,200

The summer programs include language immersion and science & engineering program.

*The fees include tuition, housing, student activities and a study trip.

Students from partner institutions should arrange payments through their own schools after being accepted.
Others can mail checks to B103, History Department, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China. Or they may wire funds to our bank account. Detailed information will be sent to students in due time.

Dr. Hong Li

Associate Director

Ms. Amy Huang

Assistant Director

  • 1. Visa
  • 2. Class and Internship
  • 3. Medical and Insurance
  • 4. Study Trip
  • 5. Housing
  • 6. Payment
  • 7. Life in Beijing
  • 8. Visitors
With the summer program cancelled now, we are offering online non-credit classes for Chinese language. For more details, please contact Amy Huang via before May 15, 2020.