Chinese Programs

This is designed for students who desire to learn Chinese part time while taking other area studies courses and internships. A minimum of 9 hours per week is required. The average class size is under 10. Except the absence of language pledge, the instructional methodologies and contents are the same as immersion Chinese.

Students should submit transcript and recommendation letter for application.

For students with 3.2 GPA and above, one recommendation letter.

For students with GPA between 3.0-3.2, two recommendation letters.

Class Size: Under 10

We believe individual attention is essential in language acquisition. Therefore, the non-immersion class is generally capped at 10.

Class Type Levels

Through intensive instruction and pattern drills, the elementary level class will not only introduce students to Chinese language but more importantly will help students to master basic spoken Chinese. At the end of the course, students should achieve a level of functional Chinese in daily life.

CH 101 (6 credits, spring & fall): Elementary I

This course is designed for beginners to learn Chinese for daily use. Classes will focus on introducing basic Chinese characters, useful vocabulary, fundamental grammar, functional sentence patterns, practical dialogues, simple texts, and some relevant culture tips. Students are encouraged to practice Chinese in and after class as much as possible.

CH 102 (6 credits, spring & fall): Elementary II

This course is designed to expand students’ knowledge of grammar, sentence patterns, sentence construction, and word choice through lectures and drills. The focus will be on accurate expression in daily communication.

CH 201 (6 credits, spring & fall): Intermediate I

This course exposes students to commonly used sentence structures and practical situational dialogues. This course also reviews and increases students’ grammatical background and provides a stepping stone for further Chinese language learning.

CH 202 (6 credits, spring & fall): Intermediate II

This course aims to improve students’ skills in understanding spoken and written Chinese and expressing themselves in speaking and writing. It is also designed to enhance students’ Chinese communicative ability. Students will continue to expand their vocabulary and language knowledge and will also elevate their language competence to the next level.

CH 301 (6 credits, spring & fall): Intermediate III

This course helps students to develop their ability to use Chinese in a more advanced way. Students will continue to expand their vocabulary, enrich their knowledge of grammar and usage, and develop an ability to describe, narrate, and argue in the language.

CH 302 (6 credits, spring & fall): Intermediate IV

The goal of this course is to develop the students’ vocabulary and their understanding of the Chinese language. Students will also continue to learn fundamental structures. By the end of the course students will be competent in everyday interactions and usage of the Chinese language.

CH 401 (6 credits, spring & fall): Advanced I

After students already possess a basic foundation in Chinese grammar, this course will teach students how to effectively use and integrate various grammar structures in spoken and written language.

CH 402 (6 credits, spring & fall): Advanced II

Students in this course will continue to improve their spoken and written Chinese. They will also begin to practice reading and using complex sentences found mainly in formal Chinese in order to learn how to approach academic articles.

CH 501 (6 credits, spring & fall): Advanced III

This course is designed to perfect students' skills in understanding spoken and written Chinese and in expressing themselves through speaking and writing. Through reading texts selected from modern Chinese literature, academic works, and newspaper articles, students will be asked to express more refined and sophisticated ideas and to process sentences with complex structures used mainly in formal speech and writing.

Weekly Schedule

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30am-10:20am Comprehensive Chinese Comprehensive Chinese Comprehensive Chinese Comprehensive Chinese Comprehensive Chinese
4:30pm -5:30pm Spoken Chinese Spoken Chinese Spoken Chinese Spoken Chinese
Note: Minor changes might occur due to unforeseen circumstances.