Chinese Language Programs

The immersion track is for students who want to devote themselves to Chinese language training fulltime, through 24 hours in class instruction per week and lots of time for homework and other activities. It is a perfect opportunity for those who want to challenge themselves and test the limits of their courage, endurance and commitment.

Students should submit transcript and recommendation letter for application.

For students with 3.2 GPA and above, one recommendation letter.

For students with GPA between 3.0-3.2, two recommendation letters.

Prerequisite for Chinese language immersion track: two semesters of Chinese or equivalent.

Class Size: Under 6

We believe individual attention is essential in language acquisition. Therefore, the immersion class is capped at 6.

Language Pledge

To help students fully immerse themselves in Chinese language and culture, a language pledge is enforced both inside and outside the classroom during week days.


  • On-campus Dorm
  • Off-campus Apartments
  • Homestay


There will be several levels of language studies, corresponding to 200, 300, 400 and 500 at US universities.

CH-I 210(15 credits, multiple sessions)

This course is designed to perfect students' skills in understanding spoken and written Chinese and in speaking and writing and in communicating in Chinese. Also this course will review and increase students’ grammatical background. Students will continue to expand their vocabulary and language knowledge to elevate their language competence to the next level.

CH-I 310 (15 credits, multiple sessions)

The goal of this course is to develop the students’ vocabulary and their understanding of the Chinese language. Students will also continue to learn fundamental structures. By the end of the course students will be competent in every-day interactions and usage of the Chinese language.

CH-I 410 (15 credits, multiple sessions)

Students in this course will continue to improve spoken and written Chinese. They will also begin to practice reading and using complex sentences found mainly in formal Chinese in order to learn how to approach academic articles.

CH-I 510 (15 credits, multiple sessions)

This course is designed to perfect students' skills in understanding spoken and written Chinese and in speaking and writing. Through reading texts selected from modern Chinese literature, academic works and newspaper articles, students will be asked to express more refined and sophisticated ideas, and to process sentences with complex structures used mainly in formal speech and writing.

Language Activities Conducted All in Chinese

Language partnership with PKU students
New Year’s Celebration
Elementary School Visits
Making Chinese meals, dumplings, etc.

Language Contests

Speaking Contest
Debates on selected topics

Weekly Schedule Class Schedule for Immersion Track

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00am-10:30am One-on-One One-on-One One-on-One One-on-One
10:40am-12:00pm Spoken Spoken Spoken Spoken Biweekly Quiz / Practicum
Lunch Break
1:10pm-4:00pm Comprehensive Comprehensive Comprehensive Comprehensive
TBA Chinese Culture, Calligraphy, Martial Arts
Note: There will be 24 in class hours each week for immersion Chinese. Minor changes might occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Mini Courses Optional and will be offered in the evenings

CH-I 403: Chinese Folklores (1 credit, spring & fall)

This course is for students on Chinese immersion track. The instructor will discuss Chinese cultural traditions, religions, and all kinds of social practices that permeate Chinese life. It is four weeks in length and readings will be selected from books, articles, and contemporary news.

CH-I 404: Chinese Social Issues (1 credit, spring & fall)

To understand contemporary social issues by reading and discussing is the purpose of this course. Among the major topics are peasant laborers in cities, education, environment, etc. Students will conduct interviews, by using Chinese, as part of this class.

CH-I 405: Chinese Popular Culture (1 credit, spring and fall)

The focus of this course is on the youth culture, music, movies, TV programs, and the immerging internet culture. Interactions with college students forms part and parcel of this attempt to understand China's youth.

Others Two no-credit courses will be offered

Martial Arts

A martial arts master will help students to learn and practice some traditional Chinese martial arts skills.


This course introduces students to the basic skills of calligraphy, as well as its philosophy.


On-campus Dorm

Off-campus Hotel

Off-campus Apartments

Home stay

With the summer program cancelled now, we are offering online non-credit classes for Chinese language. For more details, please contact Amy Huang via before May 15, 2020.