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  • " CSI differs from many typical study-abroad programs in that it tries to challenge its students intellectually as well as encourage them to have fun."

    Hannah Chen (Grinnell College)

  • " I loved the atmosphere of Peking University. I would recommend this program to anyone wishing to improve their Mandarin and get a taste of living in Beijing. "

    Eliza Laamoon (Colby College)

  • " There is no other program available that takes you all the way west to Lhasa, Tibet. "

    Peter Rosenbloom (University of Michigan)

  • " Due to the small class size of the program, most of the times I felt that I was in one-to-one tutorial. "

    Seo Hyun Choi (University of Chicago)

  • " As an immersion student, I had an opportunity to live with a Chinese family during the semester. Having meals and spending time with my family gave me a true representation of living in Beijing. "

    Andrew McClaskey (University of Denver)

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Academic Calendar


Date Event
Aug-28 Arrival
Aug-29 to Aug-30 Orientation
Aug-31 Classes Begin
Oct-01 to Oct-04 Fall Break
Oct-05 Classes Resume
Nov-18 to Nov-24 Classes and Finals
Nov-25 to Dec-08 Study Trips
Dec-09 Commencement
Dec-10 Departure


Date Event
Jan-08 Arrival
Jan-09 to Jan-10 Orientation
Jan-11 Classes Begin
Feb-11 to Feb-17 Spring Break
Feb-18 Classes Resume
Apr-05 to Apr-09 Classes and Finals
Apr-10 to Apr-23 Study Trips
Apr-24 Commencement
Apr-25 Departure


Date Event
Jun-12 Arrival
Jun-13 Orientation
Jun-14 Classes Begin
Aug-03 Finals
Aug-04 to Aug-06 Study Trip
Aug-07 Commencement
Aug-08 Departure
With the summer program cancelled now, we are offering online non-credit classes for Chinese language. For more details, please contact Amy Huang via csihuang@126.com before May 15, 2020.